2015/8/8  One paper is conditionally accepted to SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015: "Generalized Cylinder Decomposition".
   2015/8/22 I moved to SFU for my PhD training. Bye Shenzhen... ~~~~(>_<)~~~~


Kangxue Yin

Doctoral Student (2nd year)
Supervised by Hao(Richard) Zhang
External co-supervisors: Hui Huang, Daniel Cohen-Or

GrUVi lab, School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University
Address: 8888 University Drive, Burnaby, B.C., Canada

kangxuey at
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Research Interests

Data Capture and Augmentation for Computer Graphics, e.g., 3D Shapes, Point Scans, Human Poses, etc. More generally, I am interested in solving various hard problems in computer graphics and computer vision.

Education and Employment

Sep. 2015 ~ Now, Doctoral Student in Computer Science, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C., Canada

Jul. 2012 ~ Aug. 2015, Research Assistant(full-time), Visual Computing Research Center(VCC),
SIAT @ Chinese Academy of Sciences (the lab moved to SZU in 2016), Shenzhen, China

Sep. 2008 ~ Jun. 2012, Bachelor in Software Engineering, Chang'an University, Xi'an, China


Generalized Cylinder Decomposition.
Yang Zhou, Kangxue Yin, Hui Huang, Hao(Richard) Zhang, Minglun Gong and Daniel Cohen-Or.
ACM Transactions on Graphics 34(6)(Special Issue of SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015 ).
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Full 3D Plant Reconstruction via Intrusive Acquisition.
Kangxue Yin, Hui Huang, Pinxin Long, Alex Gaissinski, Minglun Gong and Andrei Sharf.
Computer Graphics Forum 35(1), 2016.
Morfit: Interactive Surface Reconstruction from Incomplete Point Clouds with Curve-Driven Topology and Geometry Control.
Kangxue Yin, Hui Huang, Hao(Richard) Zhang, Minglun Gong, Daniel Cohen-or and Baoquan Chen.
ACM Transactions on Graphics 33(6)(Special Issue of SIGGRAPH ASIA 2014 ).
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"Mind the Gap": Tele-Registration for Structure-Driven Image Completion.
Hui Huang, Kangxue Yin, Minglun Gong, Dani Lischinski, Daniel Cohen-Or, Uri Ascher and Baoquan Chen.
ACM Transactions on Graphics 32(6)(Special Issue of SIGGRAPH ASIA 2013 ).
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---------- before 2012 ------------
1. Kangxue Yin, Youquan Liu, Enhua Wu , Fast Computing Adaptively Sampled Distance Field on GPU, Pacific Graphics(short paper), 2011.
2. Youquan Liu, Kangxue Yin, Yang Liu, Futing Bao, Enhua Wu, Efficient Simulation of Grain Burning Surface Regression , Advanced Materials Research,466 (2012): 314-318.
3. Youquan Liu, Kangxue Yin, Enhua Wu , Fast GMRES-GPU Solver for Large Scale Sparse Linear System, Chinese Journal of Computer Aided Design & Computer Graphics, 2011, 23(4): 553-560.